Top Ten Best Halloween Candy List

Oct 12, 2012 by

The 2012 results are in! The Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board has tested (and nibbled!) to find the most popular, top ten best allergy safe Halloween candies free of peanuts and tree nuts, and many are free of all other Big 8 allergens! Here is our Top Ten spooktacular “Best” Halloween Candy list for food allergic individuals.

REMEMBER: Check the labels and the websites, and call manufacturers to find out if they are safe for your child BECAUSE ingredients change without notice; different sizes of the same brand candy can have different ingredients, and different versions of the same candy always have different ingredients.
So: read each & every label every single time.
“When in doubt, call the manufacturer or do without.”  Happy Halloween!

Drumroll, please! Here are our allergy safe top ten Halloween candies in alphabetical order:

1)      Airheads

2)      Divvies

3)      Dum Dums

4)      Fun Dip

5)      Life Savers (hard candies & gummies)

6)      Nerds

7)      Skittles

8)      Smarties

9)      Sour Patch Kids

10)  Starburst


Click here for our COMPLETE list of all peanut free & tree nut free Halloween Candy for 2012:

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