2016 Allergy All-Star Awards

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Announcing the winners of our 2016 Allergy All-Star Awards! We searched high & low all throughout 2015 for the best services and products – our top 5 Allergy All-Stars – to help you survive and THRIVE with food allergies. Congratulations to our top 5 selects!

Allergy Awards 2016


Allergic Living coverSeverely allergic herself, Editor-in-Chief Gwen Smith has her finger on the pulse of all things allergy. Her magazine will absolutely make a difference in your life. This quarterly magazine arrives in your mailbox featuring the best coverage of food allergies, celiac disease and environmental allergies. Curious about the latest research news? Here you go. How about recipes – really, REALLY good ones? (Think: Chipotle Chili with Cornbread!) Flip on through. Comprehensive articles on parenting with, dining out with, and traveling with food allergies are tackled with honesty and hope. Contributors include top health journalists, dietitians and leading allergists. This magazine eases allergy stress while arming you with an arsenal of information and solutions. Thanks, Gwen.  allergicliving.com


Farmbox picWith a shiny, new meal delivery service popping up nearly every week, this category has been a particularly difficult one for our food allergy community to fill. Enter: Chako Fairbanks, the brains behind the brand. This box rocks! Mention all your food allergies, intolerances, or preferences and your every wish is their command; the box arrives in both the California Bay Area and Los Angeles with a newsletter offering recipes, storage tips plus all the nutritional information included. It’s a complete service because buyers get access to a chef and nutritionist to answer questions and address food needs from the beginning. Chako’s company offers six FarmBox options ranging in price to include gluten-free bread, fruits, veggies, meat, plus cheeses, farm fresh eggs and seafood (if your allergies can handle it!).  farmbox.com


Kiss FreelyThe secret’s in the name…filled with wholesome, hypoallergenic squalene & olive oils, Kiss Freely is an allergy breakout rockstar. There are bath & body products galore, but these were rated as the best by our teens because of the funky lipstick colors. Black? Yep. How about a wild, deep purple? They custom-blended that, too. And: besides just Top 8, Kiss Freely also avoids the use of other potential allergens: sesame, shea butter, peas, coconut, avocado and sunflower seed. At Kiss Freely, they’re aware everyone is unique and so are food allergies and so many of the products allow for substitutions.  If you need to avoid one of their ingredients, you can easily contact them directly with your request, and they certainly do their best to provide food allergic folks with products made special just for our needs.  kissfreely.com



Vermont Nut FreeA consistent favorite year in and year out. Simply the BEST, highest quality candies for nut allergic sufferers. From M&M-style “Skippers” to Peppermint Bark, and right back to ooey, gooey, decadent fudge: Vermont Nut-Free has every angle covered. Luscious truffle fillings are also completely free from cross-contamination with peanuts or tree nuts. Spoiler Alert: they also have a complete nut-free line of jelly beans & gummy bears if that’s your pleasure instead. People with nut allergies, and non-allergic chocoholics alike, will find these chocolates to be among the finest tasting gourmet chocolates they have ever eaten. If you head over to their website, there’s a nice, thick catalog of all the goodies since they ship anywhere nationwide. We had some of Vermont Nut Free Chocolates today: what’s your excuse? vermontnutfree.com



Enjoy LifeFrom Choco-Loco to crunchy Plentils: these were voted the very, very best by our team. If multiple allergies are your game, Enjoy Life is the name! These tasty nibbles come in a wide range of varieties including muffin mixes, pizza doughs, you name it. They’re also made without casein, potato, sesame or any sulfites at all. Our taste tester was allergic to both Gluten as well as Eggs – a tricky combination, as avid food label aficionados are well aware. One way to eat freely is to know exactly what’s in your food, which is why these products contain no artificial anything and instead contain delicious, natural ingredients like quinoa, buckwheat and honey. Each & every Enjoy Life food works with every Top 8 allergy combination so you can delve into the snacks safely and without worry at all.  enjoylifefoods.com

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