Gluten Free Sweets

We are so glad to see you are concerned about food allergy issues! Here is our 2017 list of cookies, crackers, candies & non-dairy ice creams that we developed for people on a GFCF Diet (Gluten Free and Casein Free), free of wheat and dairy.

Cookies & Crackers
Mary’s Gone Crackers

POP Chips

Cotton Candy
Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy

Pure Fun Confections
Organic Candy Floss-Root Beer
Organic Candy Floss-”Bubble Gum” flavor

Dubble Bubble Original bubble gum

Wrigley chewing gum #1-800-824-9681

WARNING: Trident For Kids & Trident Advantage contain Recaldent, a milk-casein derivative.


Please note that production of some products is made on machinery that is also used to make products that contain gluten and casein. Most manufacturers do their best to wash the machinery in between batches. However, some will only guarantee their chocolate to be 98% GFCF. Read section above regarding cross contamination.


Surf Sweets
Assorted delicious gummi goodies including holiday treats for any Halloween. Flavors include: Sour Worms, Peach Rings, Watermelon Rings, Jelly Beans, Fruity Bears, Gummy Worms, Gummi Bears, and a special Halloween treat of Spooky Spiders.
Phone: 224-676-1070 or Email:

Edward & Son’s (805) 684-8500
Chocolate Covered Fondants – Orange Mint chocolate dipped similar to Junior Mints

Tropical Source Chocolate Chips 510.686.0116
Semi-Sweet Chips dairy free
Expresso Roast dairy free

Tropical Source Dairy Free Chocolate Bars or 510.686.0116
Wild Rice Crisp
Toasted Almonds
Red Raspberry Crush
Sundried Jungle Banana
Mint Candy Crunch
Hazelnut Expresso Crunch

Chocolate Emporium 1-888-CHOCLAT, or
Clusters Creams Chocolate Fudge, Coconut Patty, Crème de Menthe, Marshmallow
Peanut Butter Cups
Fudge – Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, Raspberry
Dipped Chocolate Cordials
Truffles – Black Forest, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Mocha, Orange, Rum, Raspberry
Mint Lentils (similar to M&M’s – mint flavored)
Chocolate Lentils (similar to M&M’s)
Rainbow Raisins (chocolate covered raisins in a fruity candy shell)
Chocolate non-pareils (large “snowcaps”)
Assorted Chocolate Pops for Kids
Chocolate Chips

Paskesz and
Chocolate Foil-Wrapped Coins (chance of cross contamination)

White Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Beans (like M&M’s)

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Decoratif Sprinkles: From

Saco Please see cross contamination concerns.
Dairy free chocolate chips products themselves do not contain any casein
or gluten in the ingredients. However, Both CHUNKS chocolate chips
and Premium Cocoa are packaged on equipment that also packages
products containing casein and gluten. The manufacturing lines are
thoroughly washed between batches, but the possibility of cross
contamination may exist.

Giambri’s Candy 1-856-783-1099
Homemade Candy… Fresh Natural Ingredients
Specify gluten & Casein free when ordering.

Nestles Quik Chocolate Syrup #1-800-637-8536

Ah!Laska 510-686-0116
Chocolate Syrup
Non-Dairy Organic Chocolatey Chocolate Cocoa Mix canisters
Low Fat Organic Baker’s Cocoa canisters
Organic Chocolate Syrup bottle

GeniSoy #1-888-436-4769
GeniSoy uncoated chocolate bar


Soy Free & GFCF Candy

Soy Free Sales (GFCF Chocolates)
Dark French Chocolate
Dark, Semisweet Chocolate Drops
Coffee Chocolate Chips
Economy Semisweet Chocolate Chips

Fruit Chews

Sharkies Fruit Chews 877.666.5377
Berry Blast
Fruit Splash
Citrus Squeeze
Peach Team Breeze
Watermelon Screem


Belsoy 201-843-8900
Soy Pudding Vanilla
Soy Pudding Chocolate
Soy Pudding Caramel

Mates Pudding Mix & Pie Mix 310-787-0200 (Call for store locations)
Mori-Nu Mates Chocolate Pudding Mix
Mori-Nu Mates Lemon Creme Pudding Mix

Dr. Oetker – Organics
Pudding & Pie Filling mix Chocolate
Pudding & Pie Filling mix Vanilla

Orgran (Roma Foods) or email:
Instant Chocolate Mouse

Natural Deserts
Instant Chocolate Pudding

Assorted Candy

New Organic Sweets
EcoNatural Solutions, Inc. 877-684-5195 (on-line ordering)
St. Claire’s Organic Sweets
St. Claire’s Organic Tarts
St Claire’s Organic Sweets Pocket Boxes
Organic Peppermints
Organic Spearmints
Organic Licorice Sweets
Organic Ginger Snaps
Organic Cocoa Sweets

Haribo of America 1 800 638 BEAR
Haribo Gold-Bear Minis

Edward & Son Let’s Do Organic (805) 684-8500
Jelly Gummi Bears
Classic Gummi Bears
Super Sour Gummi Bears
Sez’me Bars original sesame
Sez’me Bars Sesame Raisin
Black Licorice Bears

Nestle 1-800-456-4117
Sweet Tarts
Spree Chewy Candy
Regular Spree Candy

Willy Wonka Candy Factory (Nestle 1-800-452-1971)
Bottle Caps
Pixy Stix
NO Oompahs!
NO Wonka Bar!


Candy Canes (always check labels!)

Farley Candy 507-945-8181
gummy bears

Mason Dots

Tropical Source Rolled Hard Candies 510.686.0116
Raspberry Crush
Wild Cherry
Mango Papaya

Miss Roben’s Candy 1-800-891-0083

Mike & Ike candies (all flavors) #1-800-445-5787
Jelly beans
Hot Tamales

Necco Wafers Necco
Mary Janes and Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses
Necco Wafers
Conversation Hearts (Valentines only)
Canada Mint and Wintergreen Lozenges
Necco Candy Eggs (Easter)
Candy Stix
Talking Pumpkins (Halloween)
Peach Blossoms (Christmas)
Necco Ultramints
NO Haviland Thin Mints
NO Haviland Peppermint
NO Wintergreen Patties
NO Clark Bar

Rock Candy (pure sugar)

Ce De Candies 908-964-0660
Ce De Candies, U.S.A. makes the following candy products:
Kidz Rings
Candy Fruits
Candy Lipsticks
WARNING: Do not confuse “Smarties” made by CeDe Candies with a product Nestle’s makes which is also called Smarties AND contains wheat. Nestle’s Smarties are chocolate, covered with a crunchy shell…similar to M&M’s.

Stretch Island Fruit Leathers 1-800-863-7836
Specify GFCF when ordering
NOTE – following exceptions – grain alcohol in natural flavorings of the following:
No Chunky Cherry
No Truly Tropical

Halloween Molds, etc. for making GFCF TREATS!!
Stand-up Jack O Lantern Cake Pan Set
Scarecrow Mold, Haunted House
Pumpkin Cookie Mold, Tombstone & Halloween
Candy Mold, many more!

Tropical Source Rolled Hard Candies
Raspberry Crush
Butterscotch Dream
Sweet Tangerine
Wild Cherry
Mango Papaya
Cool Peppermint

Ben Myerson Candy Company 1-800-558-4367
Sunkist Fruit Jems (soft fruit flavored candies)

Black And White Licorice Mix: Colorful, chewy confections in black and white licorice flavor
Cream Pups Orange creamsicle flavored chewy delights
Gummy Fish Colorful, chewy confections in a fun fish shape
Jelly Beans
Orange and Cream Chews
Super Sour Stars Colorful, chewy, sour gummy stars in different flavors and colors

Lollypops From Sorbee International

Miss Roben’s (online ordering & phone)
Sugar Free People Pops (Golden Apple Candy Company)
Banana Pops
Double Chocolate Fudge Pops
Frosty Chocolate Mint Pops
Give Me Grape Pops
Hot n Spicy Cinnamon Pops
Lickin Lemon Pops
Lime Rickey Pops
Orange Zip Pink Pops
Grapefruit Pops
Red Ripe Raspberry Pops
Tangy Citrus Parfai Pops
Very Very Cherry Pops

Miss Roben’s (online ordering & phone orders)
Chocolate Buttons (similar to M&M’s)
Chocolate Foiled Wrapped Coins

Jelly Beans

The following list does not include every GFCF jelly bean. Check website for more acceptable jelly beans.

Jelly Belly 1-800-522-3267
A sample list of some acceptable GFCF Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly.
Juicy Pear
Luscious Peach
Delightfully Tart Green Apple
NOTE: By law products produced after 1/1/06 must list dairy if in the ingredients. Trace amounts of dairy derivatives may be present in some jelly beans.

Jolly Rancher #1-303-423-2366
Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans
Jolly Rancher Hard Candies

Mars Inc. 1-800-222-0293
Jelly Beans


Non-Dairy “Ice Cream”

BestLife International 800-407-7238 (On-Line Shopping)
Soyalicious Frozen Dessert Mix Dutch Chocolate
Soyalicious Frozen Dessert Mix French Vanilla

The WholeSoy Company 1-877-569-6376
All WholeSoy products are Vegan as well as 100% casein and gluten free
WholeSoy creamy cultured soy
WholeSoy Glacé – Soymilk Frozen Dessert
Swiss Chocolate
Mocha Fudge
Vanilla Bean

Imagine Foods
Soy Dream Organic Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts
French Vanilla
Green Tea
Strawberry Swirl
Mint Chocolate Chip
Butter Pecan
Mocha Fudge
Vanilla Fudge Swirl

Rice Dream 1- 800-333-6339
Rice Dream Frozen Desserts
Plain Carob
NOTE: Vanilla flavors may contain trace amounts of dairy ingredients possible ***via cross contamination; trace amounts=level of .1%

Dari-Free Ice Cream 800-497-4834 mail order

White Wave Company 1-800-488-9283
Silk cultured soy Yogurt
Yogurt Flavors:
Black Cherry
Key Lime
Mixed Berry

Mocha Mix Non-dairy Desert (like ice cream)

Yogurt Alternative

Tofutti Non-Dairy Dessert
The following products may contain gluten: Important Read above information from company! “Regarding gluten, some of our products are obviously not gluten free, such as our Cutie ice cream sandwiches, Chocolate Cookie Crunch pint, and Tofutti cookies, as well as a number of our frozen food products like pizza and blintzes. Even though we do not add any gluten directly in our mixes, we usually do not certify any of our products as being gluten free because of the manner in which some of the flavors we use may be processed. Vanilla, in particular, is typically distilled with grain alcohol. Although it is cooked off during the distillation process, it could still leave some trace amounts of gluten. Since this information is proprietary to the flavor manufacturer, and ordinarily we only require the ingredient to be totally dairy free (Kosher Parve), we have no way of knowing for sure. What reaction an individual might have depends on the severity of his/her condition.

Our Better Than Cream Cheese and Sour Supreme also have no gluten added, although, once again, alcohol could be used in the manufacture of the flavors. Our Veggie Soy-Cheese slices use distilled vinegar, which may contain traces of gluten. Although distilled vinegar is derived from grain, it is not certain if the vinegar contains gluten. This is a subject of great debate in the celiac and autistic communities, but even many conservative celiacs or parents of autistic children believe it is probably okay since most food chemists consulted by them believe that the distillation process should eliminate traces of gluten. We are just relating to you the opinion of outside consultants, not Tofutti Brands. Only one celiac association still believes there is gluten in grain alcohol or distilled vinegar. The other two major celiac organizations, as well as all the chemists and the doctors who are known as celiac experts, now insist there is no gluten in distilled products of any kind, unless it is added later. According to these experts, the only vinegar to avoid is malt vinegar.

Tofutti receives approximately ten inquiries a week about gluten. In most cases, those individuals are not concerned about the flavor issue since at worst it would be only trace amounts of gluten and their particular condition permits them to use the product, since they are more severely dairy intolerant. The majority of these inquiries involve children who are autistic. It has been recently discovered that in addition to not being able to have dairy products, autistic children cannot have gluten either. However, the ultimate decision to use our products rests with you, the consumer. If you are not comfortable with the preceding information, please do not use our products.

Given the enormous difficulty we have in ensuring that all of our products are completely dairy free 100% of the time, the logistics in also ensuring that they would be gluten free is probably overwhelming. An additional problem is that unlike being dairy free, where you can rely on an independent, outside verification service (Kosher supervision), there basically is no such service for gluten. The good news is we have just introduced a new pint product line, Super Soy Supreme, in four flavors, which will carry the nutritional legend “no gluten added, may contain trace amounts of gluten.” This will be as close to gluten free as we can get. We have also introduced two no gluten added stick novelties, a fudge bar called Totally Fudge and a chocolate coated vanilla bar called Marry Me. Additionally, these products are made with organic sugar as a sweetener. These products are already available in most health food stores and select supermarkets around the country.”

Tofutti Non-Dairy Desserts
The following products may contain gluten: Important Read above information from company!)
Premium Tofutti
Nondairy frozen dessert
Chocolate Supreme
Wildberry Supreme
Vanilla Almond Bark
Vanilla Fudge
Chocolate Cookie Crunch
Better Pecan
Mint Chocolate Chip

Premium Tofutti Soft Serve
Peanut Butter.

Totally Fudge Pops
Tofutti Monkey Bars

Soy Delicious – Turtle Mountain, Inc.
non dairy “ice cream” substitution
Store locator on website.
Company statement: We consider, to the best of our knowledge, the following products to be free of gluten and dairy. However, there is a chance of cross contamination since manufacturing lines are shared. (Lines are thoroughly cleaned between batches.)
Organic Soy Delicious – All flavors Except NO Cookies N’ Cream
Organic Soy Delicious Novelties
Creamy Vanilla Bar
Vanilla Almond Bar
Creamy Fudge Bar
It’s Soy Delicious – All flavors
Sweet Nothings
Fudge Bar
Raspberry Mango Bar
Purely Decadent Soy Delicious
Chocolate Obsession
Praline Pecan
Peanut Butter Zig Zag
Cherry Nirvana
Turtle Tracks
Swinging Anna Banana
Vanilla Swiss Almond
Mocha Almond Fudge

Miss Roben’s 1-800-891-0083 (outside continental USA: 301-665-9580)
Ice Cream Mix

“Ice Cream” Cones
Waffle Bread similar to a cake ice cream cone, but flat.

Wafers Similar to cake ice cream cone, but flat.
Barkat Ice Cream Cones just like those found in ice cream shops
Glutano Hard Pretzels

Gluten Free Pantry 1-800-291-8386
Waffle Cones – Ice Cream Cones
Cerrone Ice Cream and Waffle Cones-Sugar Cones

Icees sold in WaWa, Texaco, etc. for more locations:

Italian Ice
J&J Snack Foods Corp. 1-856-665-9534
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice

Twin Pops Popsicles

Dole Fruit Bars #1-800-232-8888

Welch’s Frozen Juice Bars 1-800-776-1276
Grape Flavor
Assorted Flavors: Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape

Del Monte #1-800-543-3090
Del Monte Gel Snack Cups: All Varieties

Hunt’s #1-800-457-4178
Hunt’s Snack Pack Juicy Gels
Lemon Lime
Mixed Fruit

J&J Snack Foods Corp. 1-856-665-9534
Shapeups Frozen Desert

Minute Maid (frozen) Juice Bars 1-800-888-6488

Cool Fruits Fruit Snacks 510.686.0116
Fruit Snacks
Apple Raspberry
Wild Blueberry
Apple Grape
Apple Cherry

Cool Fruits Juice Freezers 510.686.0116

Budget Saver Twin Pops 1-800-322-3642
Assorted Flavors


Charms Company 1-800-877-7655
Charms Pops

Dumdum lollypops #1-800-653-8638

Ce De Candies 908-964-0660
Double Lollies
Mega Lolly


Just-Born, Inc. #1-800-445-5787
Easter candy marshmallow peeps, bunnies, etc.

Sharon’s Sorbet (Passion Fruit)

Private Selection Sorbet

Dreyer Whole #1-800-777-3397
Dreyer Fruit Sorbet
Dreyer Imitation “Ice Cream” (read label)

Edy’s Whole Fruit Sorbet 1-800-777-3397 Possible Cross Contamination
Chocolate Cherry Whole Fruit Sorbet
Lemon Whole Fruit Sorbet
Mango Orange Whole Fruit Sorbet
Raspberry Whole Fruit Sorbet
Strawberry Whole Fruit Sorbet
No Edy’s Coconut Whole Fruit Sorbet!

Note: Possible cross contamination; processed on the same lines as dairy containing products. Company says the lines are thoroughly washed between batches.

Dole Fruit Sorbet #1-800-232-8888

Haagen Daz Fruit Sorbet # 1-800-767-0120
(Company will not provide a list of GFCF Sorbet but they state the product label will list ingredients. However, possibility of cross contamination exists in all Sorbet products.)

Cascadian Farms Sorbet

Double Rainbow Sorbet (also makes a chocolate sorbet)

Please consult a physician if you have concerns about how these products may relate to you or your family member’s specific condition.

We do welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this list, and look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us easily by emailing

Thank you for being a P.A.L. (Protecting a Life) to allergic children and helping them celebrate the holidays too.